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Music Video

Directed by Maya Peters & Lachlan McClellan Produced by Lachlan McClellan, Jenny Thach, and Eman Ibirongbe EP: Karen Wilson Production Co: 757 Films Video Written by Lach & Ashley Abrams DP: Lachlan McClellan 1st AC: Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg 2nd AC: Gerilyn Lisette Steadi: Taylor Johnson Steadi PA: Yvonne Bonilla Gaffer: Donovan Kidd BBG: Tyler Foster LCP: Lachlan McClellan Grip: Edward Richguard Grip: David Lin Grip: Eman Ibirongbe PD/Art Director: Maya Peters Set Builder: Lachlan McClellan Painters: Donovan Kidd, Marlo Irani, Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg, Eman Ibirongbe, Jenny Thach Materials: Thrift Shop Studios & The Tactical Chimp Hair and Make Up: Samantha Sapienza Editor/Color/Vfx//VFX Coordinator: Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg Graphics: Robert Reed Special thanks to Raymond Guzman, Thrift Shop Studio, and The Tactical Chimp

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