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Muze Inc.

Concept Film

Produced by Julie Chen, Timothy Wang Directed by Maya Peters, Tara Zulfikar, Timothy Wang Written by Marg Zhang 1st Unit 1st AD – Leion van Osdol 2nd Unit 1st AD – Bryan Lee 3rd Unit 1st AD – Lexie Paik 2nd AD – Winona Lu Director of Photography – Ethan Wen 2nd Unit Cam Op – Ari Elgharsi 3rd Unit Cam Op – Jason Wang Original score composed and produced by Allan X. Chen Voice Over by Rachael Chau Edited by Russell Kim VFX by Patrick Chen Colored by Chi Tran Art Design by Keya Saxena Makeup by Harrison Yu Additional Footage from Zoe Medranda Media Team – Zoe Calott-Wang, Josh Guillen, Jaydah Tinker Web Design by Justin Zhao Logo by Noah Yokoi

Our Roots is a series of cultural vignettes to unite all people of Asian Heritage through artistic expression in support of #asiansolidarity and #stopasianhate.
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