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Short Film

Directed by Maya Marzuki Peters & Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg Starring Sean Pfeiffer & Anya Susan Cinematography by Tony Wang Costume Design by Sia Fang Editing & Colour by Anahita Von Andrian-Werburg Art Direction & Sound Design by Maya Marzuki Peters Sound Mixing by Marlo Irani Original Score by Pius Gabriel Ojo & Fidelity Radio Piano by Kevin McGee Additional Vocals by Erika Prihadi

Breaking a long slumber, a mysterious rope leads a soul through a decaying world as he attempts to connect with another.
FESTIVALS & WINNER: FLickers Rohde Island, Tokyo International Shorts, Munich New Wave, Underexposed Film, New Creators, Long Story Shorts, Short Film Factory, International Screendance Chile, Experimental Dance & Music Fest, Art Films Awards
Feature on Beyond The Short, Film Shortage
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