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Unearthing the nostalgic memories of childhood summer, a new camper arrives at CAMP ISABOKO. They are immediately whisked away into the madness and frenzied fun, meeting friends and foes
SHORTLISTS & NOMINATIONS: Berlin Fashion Film Fest, VAEFF, ASVOFF15, Sarajevo FFF, Melbourne FFF

Published on CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers America) & SHOWStudio Interview

Available for stream on FNL Network

Director: Maya Peters Producer: Julie Chen Designer/Exec Producer: Isabella Kostrzewa DP: Ethan Wen 1st AD: Julie Chen 1st AC: Tara Zulfikar Gaffer: Clint Pang Grip: Benjamin Kadish Marg Zhang Santiago Gomez Production Designer: Ilina Bhatia Art Director: Adriana Gueverra Makeup: Erika Prihadi Colorist: Nacho Aveillé Composer: Shih-Meng Ching Editor: Maya Peters Camper #1: Sylvia Yun Trio #1: Erikah Cudjoe Trio #2: Cristina Alvarez Trio #3: Tim Matishek Camper #2: Aristotle Luna Cool Kid #1: Ari Elgharsi Cool Kid #2: Tolu Owolabi Cool Kid #3: Kingsley Guo Enemy #1: June Ho Lim Enemy #2: Ayesha Mohan Enemy #3: Grace Kostrzewa Defender: Renata Gonzalez Chong Painter: Santo Jacobsson Model: Toula

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Camp Isaboko

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